There's so much information out there...

          How do you navigate through it all?

                    You want to do the right thing...

Debt can drag you down - or work for you

We'll show you how to see debt as a tool you can use rather than letting it use you






Working hard but can't get ahead?

          Wondering where your money is going? 

                    Nervous about the next stage/phase of your life?          

Help is here

Move from feeling victimized to building an empowered financial foundation

          Gain confidence and the ability to make good financial decisions

                    Change the way things have been for you around money and 

                              Create new money behaviours

Maura Shaftoe, 

Behavioural Cash Flow Specialist

Suze Casey, 

Developer of Belief Re-patterningĀ®

The Focus is on Education: 

Earn, Spend, Borrow/Debt, Save/Invest, Build

  • Learn how to shift old behaviours with new beliefs around money

  • Start where you are now, no blame, shame or judgment

  • Learn on your own timeline with expert guidance

  • Move forward with positive possibilities